The Importance of Visual Merchandising For Your Brand

In order to operate and grow any successful business you have to brand it, be able to lead your staff, know how to communicate effectively with all those you encounter and have the will power and the dedication to stick through the ups and downs of business.  If you have read our post on Coco Chanel and her beginning you will understand that business and a successful one at that doesn’t alsways come easy! In fact in any business you are in you have to be skilled or at least somewhat knowledgable on how to succesfully market your business.  After all, the key aspect of gaining clientele and generating business is to market yourself. In the retail industry, where the Chanel brand resides, visual marketing or merchandising is perhaps, the most important marketing tool and will ultimately help you to define your brands image.

visual-merchandisingWindow displays are the most direct way you can engage your potential customers attention and attract them into your store.  The Chanel brand is considered a luxury brand and because of this the store window displays must showcase elegance, class and beauty.  So how do you convey these things in a simple window display?

The key elements to creating the ultimate window display actually take months to compile and create.  Window merchandsiing takes creativity, organization and planning. Afterall the display in your store windows is the first visual contact that your potential consumer will have with your merchandise.Window merchandising also requires the help of a skilled team. Think florists, carpenters, window installers, electricians, and stylists to name a few.  Each will bring to life a certain part of your “marketing” campaign. What exactly are the key elements to focus on to gain the most out of this aspect of visual merchandising?

~Key Elements of Visual Merchandising~

  • Windows- First and foremost you must have state of the art floor to ceiling windows.  If you want to get really technical, being able to open these windows from your store front can help make window displays far easier.  Acquirring the help of a professional window installer will also aid you in looking at types, quality and styles of windows. Your store front windows will be one of your most valuable assets invested in your store
  • Color- This is basically the core of your display.  Colors help to set tone, mood and must flow with the merchandise displayed
  • Texture- Texture will lend the touch and feel aspect to your visual merchandising dispaly.  A contrast in textures along with the right mix of colors can definitely boost the visual you are presenting
  • Landscaping-  This is retail talk for the placement of prop stands, merchanidse and other decor.  Think height, up, down and placement.
  • Decorations- These are the little details of simple props that you add to the mix of your merchandise.  These decorations can help magnify merchandise or to create the look/feel you are trying to conjour
  • Expression-  Also known as what you are communicating to the consumer.  What is it window-displayyou are trying to say with your display. Does it speak for your brand?

There are many aspects of business that you must be aware of and have an open mind to grow and succeed.  Understatnding the importance of visual merchandising and marketing can not only help to brand your company it can also lead to the growth and success that you are after!