~The Habits Of Highly Successful People~


Taking a look at Coco Chanel and her drive to brand her company and make it a success, got us thinking about what it is successful people have in common.  Often when we look at someone who has reached a high level of success we may feel envy towards them or simply that they must have had a great deal of luck.  While luck may have helped some people, in most cases of successful people they all have certain habits in common. So what exactly are those habits and how do you start to develop them so that you can become successful too?

Habits Of Successful People


  • Self Care- Let’s establish something right now, it is NOT selfish to take care of habits-for-successyourself!  In fact highly successful people usually take great care of themselves. Everything from regular exercise, eating well, taking a day off to re-energize, saying NO to people when you are tired and stretched to thin, these are all practices of successful people.  Why? Self care is important in that you stay level headed, maintain stress levels and don’t overwork yourself because that all leads to less effectiveness and less stability.
  • Don’t Give Up- Have you ever heard the phrase, “Easier said than done”? It rings true in the case of success and accomplishing your goals.  Sure it sounds great to voice your goals, but putting in the work and endurance is often a lot harder. Successful people don’t give up!  They may only take small steps on some days but the point is they are still moving forward. Little by little they are buckling down and getting closer to the end goal.  Many times people throw in the towel at the first few obstacles. Stay focused and remember small steps are better than no steps at all!
  • leaning-successAlways Learning- Successful people are forever expanding their minds. Reading, taking a class, researching things online and continuing certifications  are just a few examples of continuing to learn.  If you are always open to learn new things you are forever expanding your mind and perspective.  Highly successful people are always learning and opening their mind to new things.
  • Time Management- Many people invision that successful people must be workaholics, working around the clock.  This however, is not true! Instead highly successful people manage their time and accomplish more because they do.  Often times throughout the day we become sidetracked especially in the day and age of technology. Think cell phones, texting, tablets, social media, etc.  Creating a workspace that helps you stay focused as well as discipling yourself during “work hours” will help you accomplish more, and believe it or not, you will have a bit more free time later.
  • morning-routine-sucessMornings Are Important- That’s right morning routines are very important when it comes to the lives of successful people. Creating awareness, as well as mental clarity and alertness can set the pace for your ENTIRE day!  Those people who wake up and meditate or have an exercise routine, stretch, organize themselves etc. set the tone for the day and often have more energy and stay focused longer. They also end up accomplishing more throughout the day!

In general it is safe to say that developing healthy habits, a sense of organization and a daily routine will help keep you less stressed, more focused and feeling positive to conquer your day and take another step closer to reaching your goals and level of success you desire.  Not all days are going to be good days, but if you embrace what’s in front of you stay motivated, determined and consistent you will feel as though you are actually in the driver’s seat and have a better handle on accomplishing whatever you set your mind too!