The Characteristics Of A Great Leader

Often times it is found that successful people not only possess determination & discipline,leadership-characteristics but also great leadership skills.  What characteristics make up those of a great leader and how do you effectively exhibit these characteristics? We compiled a list of the most important leadership characteristics to refine in order to not only become a great leader but also for the success of your overall business!

Characteristics Of A Great Leader

  • Passion- Although it is not the sole characteristic that will make you a great leader, PASSION is an important one.  Why? When fellow employees or workers see the drive, motivation & dedication that comes hand in hand when you are passionate about something it helps to boost others morale as well.  Passion often leads us in the right direction, coupled with commitment you are a force to be reckoned with!
  • Commitment- As we said passion must be fueled by commitment. Commitment will help you to stay dedicated and focused so that you will get the job done.  When you lead others and exhibit a high level of commitment to any of your projects, the company as a whole etc. it tells people that you are here and are here to stay and see something through.  Commitment is very attractive!
  • leadership-skillsPositive Attitude- There are many things in life that can bring us down and make us feel like giving up, especially when you are putting in the hard work and things don’t seem to be moving forward, or you feel as if nothing is working out as it should.  Remaining positive with a good attitude is not only mood boosting for the leader it also helps to keep your teams mood elevated and positive. Working with a group of positive upbeat people will help maintain happiness and a healthy environment.
  • Communication- Perhaps one of the strongest qualities a leader can possess is good communication skills.  How you communicate with others is very important. People what to feel as if you are talking to them instead of at them.  By communicating effectively and making others feel that they have an open communication line with you as their leader can make all the difference.  Leaders who possess good communication skills often have stronger teams and are more productive then those that lack in the communication area.
  • Able To Delegate- Delegation of tasks goes somewhat hand in hand with good communication.  Again others what to feel as if you are talking to them instead of at them.  However, those in your team also what to feel as if they have a strong leader that steers them in the right direction.  If you exhibit confidence and are able to delegate effectively you show others that you are a strong leader and will lead them to greatness!

In general to become a great leader you need to be able to balance these characteristics equally.  Sometimes it may seem harder then other times, especially when your team is made up of different types of people that all have their own perspective of things.  Stay strong & focused and maintain at least these 5 characteristics and you most definitely prevail with top leadership skills.