STAND OUT…In A Highly Competitive Niche

In any market distinguishing your business/brand from the competition is extremely important for your overall success. The same is true for those businesses in a highly competitive market. In fact, it is especially true for those in a highly competitive market. Take garage door repair for example. The Phoenix garage door repair industry is highly competitive and a service that is undoubtedly needed and highly sought after by homeowners, property management companies and construction companies looking for both service and installation. In order to not only keep pace with your competitors but to surpass them, you have to stay on your marketing toes, be extremely innovative and consistently observing your competition to find their strengths and weaknesses.

Parker Garage Doors is a large garage door repair company in Phoenix, Arizona providing service throughout the Phoenix area. Their top three competitors are other equally large if not larger companies that are looking to monopolize the market. When it comes to garage door repair consumers understand the need to hire a reputable, affordable customer-oriented service company. In a competitive niche, how exactly do you get there and once you’re there how do you remain on top? As with Coco Chanel, she knew when starting her fashion empire that she had to aim to be better than her competitors in order to even think to make it within the luxury fashion industry. So what are the steps to make sure you outshine your competition and gain market appeal?

Distinguish Your Business From The Competition

  • Analyze To Capitalize- it may sound harsh but it is most definitely true. You need to study your competition to find their faults, weaknesses, strengths, and limitations. While you don’t want to be ruthless and have no compassion for others you have to be quick on your feet in the business industry.  By analyzing the downfalls of your competition you are able to strengthen your business as well as gain a market advantage when you are able to provide or perfect the issues in your business that limit your competitors.
  • Brighter Than The Rest- Yep that’s right you need to shine brighter than your competitors. Be so bright that you dim their light. Essentially your goal is to limit their market appeal and showcase how efficient & effective your service or product is. Present that along with your remarkable customer service skills and you will gain a healthy advantage over your competitors. 
  • Customer Service Is The Only Service- Your customer service skills have to be on point for your business to even have a chance at outshining your competitors. After all, your business is only as good as your worst employee, isn’t that how the saying goes? By setting your brand apart from your competitors with exceptional customer service skills you are helping to build strong trustworthy relationships with your consumers. Happy customers increase your referrals.
  • Consistency Is Key- We can’t preach this enough, consistency is key. As in the garage door industry, every job has to be done with both quality products and service every time. Providing low-quality repair work could result in serious injury to the customer. While you can move past bad reviews too many will hinder your growth and one serious accident can curb your chances of moving past your competitors. Produce the same high-quality product or service with excellent customer service skills time and time again and you will begin to build a solid reputation for your business.