Branding Your Business

company-brandingWhat exactly is a “Brand” or branding your business?  Many people associate business branding with the company’s name or logo.  While this is partly true it is not entirely the truth. Why? A brand is more than just the face, name or visual aspects of your business.  Instead it incorporates how people feel and what they think regarding your brand. In the case of Coco Chanel she had a wide sought after brand and was hugely successful.  However, when people started to associate her with Nazis her brand popularity plummeted and her stores were forced to close. It goes to show that the public’s perception of your brand and what they associate with it greatly affects your success. It doesn’t have to be only one isolated thing that affects their view of what your brand stands for but experiences, correspondence and interaction with you or those that work in your company etc.

Let’s take for example, a plumbing company out of Arizona, while a completely different brand than Chanel and it’s line of hand bags, perfume and clothing, it is a prime example of how the proper branding can work for you and help to grow your business. When starting out as a new company they knew they would be lost in a sea of other plumbing companies especially in a bigger city such as Phoenix.  They new that they had to brand their company in the right way and hold true to values, a vision statement, and customer experience. So how did they go about doing this and did it work for them?

Guidelines To Successfully Branding Your Business

  • Brand Ownership- The founder of the company did his research and new that hebrand-ownership had to establish Brand Ownership, which basically means taking control and deciding on what experiences and feelings you want your potential customers to experience when it came to his brand.
  • Set Your Brand Apart From The Rest- Next he read reviews and studied his competitors brands.  By doing this you are able to gain a better understanding on what types of experiences customers have had both good and bad and thus create your own experiences for potential clients that will set you not only apart from the said competitors but also make you someone who stands out in the marketplace.  You don’t want to be lost in the sea of other companies like yours, you want to stand out and stand out in a positive way.
  • Not Everyone Will Always Be Happy- In any business no matter how hard you try or what you do not every customer will always be happy! However, the way you handle the unsatisfied customers and what you do to better their experience speaks volumes for both your business and your brand.  Customers want to feel heard and know that they matter. Especially when spending money on your product or services. They want to feel as if you really care about their experience once money has exchanged hands and the transaction has been finished. Chanel may have had a downfall for awhile and things may have looked bleak but in the end she came back stronger than ever.
  • business-successRevamp When Needed- While you want to stick by your brand and the ideal you have created, never hesitate over time to refresh things. Stay dedicated to your morals and values but know that the world is forever changing as well as marketing tactics and such.  By rolling along with the times while never compromising your business standards or experience you are sure to succeed.

By following these guidelines and continued perseverance, hard work and dedication this small Arizona Plumbing Company has continuously grown over the years and are now a widely known sought after company.  They still hold the small business family owned feel but their customer experiences are valued and thus their brand stands out in the marketplace. They have succeeded!